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Circus Training

circus front

Circus Training is a new addition in the gymnastics world, and we are fortunate to have two excellent Spin City certified instructors and a highly experienced performer as part of our team, with experience in a range of circus apparatus and aerial yoga.

We will be offering classes encorporating aerial hoop, silk and the opportunity for rotations or specialised classes on aerial sling and corde lisse (rope).

All require balanced strength and flexibility which will be developed and honed through a structured training plan allowing the artists to achieve their potential and goals.

We are running the programme slightly different to some other circus classes. Generally, similar classes have 3+ children per point which we believe isn't fair on the children as they must constantly wait their turn and to be honest will not get as much from the session.  

Depending on the session, we aim to only have 1-3 children per point which allows them to use the equipment for longer periods of time and primarily get so much more from their session. We also assign two coaches to each class which means 1 coach to 6 children so each individual gets more one on one input. 

The cost of the classes are £50.00 per month and are calculated pro rata which equates to around £12.00 a session. The sessions will be running 50 weeks of the year so the children will be able to continue throughout the school holidays and we are open every Bank Holiday as well.

No prior experience is required to sign up. Classes are aimed at beginners and intermediate artists but advanced students can also join our Wednesday night advanced session. 

Information on your artists development is available on the LoveAdmin app where you can also contact their coach.


Sessions run:
Circus training 
£50 per month. 6 rigging points averaging 2 children per point


19.30 to 20.30

20.30 to 21.30


18.00 to 19.00

19.00 to 20.00



 Aerial Yoga 
Pay as you go £10.00 per session


11.45 to 12.45



12.45 to 13.45






What do I wear for a circus class?

For all new participants, we recommend that they wear leggings. Ideally these will be worn over a leotard, but leggings can be worn with a t-shirt if your child does not have a leotard. Some students may feel more comfortable wearing shorts over their leggings which is acceptable, but please avoid all loose-fitting clothes.

The equipment can cause discomfort so your child may also choose to bring a long sleeve top as they progress, although this is not necessary at the start of the foundation stage as elbow grips are not required in the earliest stage. All jewellery must be removed before class, failure to do so may result in injury and/or damage to the equipment, which may be chargeable to the participant.


What should I expect?

The foundation classes will cover a group warm up and the opportunity to learn aerial hoop and silks. Children will be taught a variety of different techniques and skills, learning to combine them into sequences. Children will also get the opportunity to try rotations on aerial sling. Circus classes are a great way for children to develop their own creative style whilst improving their overall fitness, strength and flexibility. All abilities are welcome and foundation classes are suitable for complete beginners. A participant with additional needs may require more support, so please let us know if your child may need additional support.

Children should bring a named bottle of water to the class and there will be the opportunity for a drink break during the lesson.

Please be aware that bruises or occasionally fabric burns may occur due to the nature of the class. Bruises are common while conditioning to a piece of equipment or new skill but are usually not painful.

Working on circus equipment allows children to learn and improve their body awareness and physical capabilities including balance, strength, stamina and flexibility. As with other sports, children will learn to take calculated risks and be given instruction on how to use the equipment safely. Inevitably, sometimes children will miscalculate or misjudge a transition, but they will be working at lower level during foundation classes until they have built sufficient confidence, strength and skill to work competently at a higher level. If children do not follow safety instructions or are disruptive to other participants, please be aware that they may be asked to sit out of the class and/or their parent may be consulted with.

Pictures may be taken during the class for social media purposes, in line with our policies and Love Admin photography permission request. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your child cannot have their photograph used in marketing or on social media.

Please be aware that if the warm-up is missed due to lateness, the child may be refused entry if they are unable to complete a sufficient warm up independently. This is because the risk of injury is increased if a child were to take part in a class without warming up correctly.

Participants will find it useful to work on their strength and flexibility outside of classes, however there are no set requirement for additional training and children are welcome to attend for overall fun and fitness as well progressing their skills. Circus is a creative, non-competitive discipline and children are encouraged to work towards their own personal goals.

The wider policies and procedures for Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd provide a wealth of additional information and can be found in the website footer or ask at the office for more information.