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Parent's Guide to Club Sessions

Our programmes and events are suitable for all genders, age groups and abilities, with a non-competitive approach with emphasis on fun and friendship.

For those who thrive on competition there are oppotunities to participate in our in-house competitions too.

Parent or Carer and Toddler

Parents should be aware that they will be required to ensure that both they and their toddler are in appropriate clothing to undertake a gymnastics class. We would suggest leggings and t–shirts. Upon arrival parents will be asked for their name and the name of their charge to allow us to comply with health and safety regulations.

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Pre School

Our Pre School sessions are purposely designed to encourage independence from parents. Gymnasts will be escorted to the gym doors by their carer where our coaches will accompany them to the warm up area. Parents are actively encouraged to allow their child to experience gymnastics without conscious parent interaction.

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Recreational and Advanced Recreational

At this level, gymnasts will be required to wear a club leotard.These leotards are to ensure that our coaches are able to identify each gymnast by name.  Additionally, the club leotards engender a sense of team spirit, community and belonging. Leotards can be ordered through the club.

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