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Celebrate Gymnastics Welcomes Members

Gymnastics is one of the best activities for health and wellbeing. Not only improving flexibility, building body strength, it also develops self esteem, confidence, determination and better communication skills. Gymnastics is a wonderful social activity developing interpersonal skills, self confidence and making friendships outside of school.

Studies have shown that regular gymnastic classes have helped manage mood, sleep fitness and overall health.

Classes from toddler to advanced gymnastics

Starting from Pre school gymnastic classes where we encourage imagination and play on our colourful apparatus, we encourage regular gymnastics classes to help children increase coordination and balance, improving their body control and stability. 

As children get older they are trained to improve performance, learning new gymnastic moves which help to improve memory, attention, spatial awareness and learning skills.

We recommend training on a regular basis, increasing up to 3 times a week, or for elite gymnasts 7 days a week. The gradual increase in training allows the body to build up better physical endurance and flexibility, for beginners allowing a day's rest after each session is recommended.

Our sessions are designed to master the basics before moving on to more complex moves or apparatus.

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Our extensive range of classes accommodate a wide range of abilities. Once you sign up you will be guided to the class that will suit you and your child.