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Celebrate Gymnastics Club Codes of Conduct for Gymnasts

Celebrate Gymnastics Club Codes of Conduct for Gymnasts and Participants

As a member of Celebrate Gymnastics you are expected to abide by the following club rules;

1. All gymnasts must participate within the rules and respect coaches helpers, judges and their decisions. 

2. All gymnasts must respect each other. 

3. Gymnasts should keep to agreed timings, having already visited the toilet, for training and competitions or inform their coach if they are going to be delayed or absent. 

4. Members must dress suitably. All long hair must be tied back and all body jewellery must be removed. The gymnast will not be allowed to participate while wearing jewellery no matter how recently the piercing took place. 

5. Members are required to look after the gym equipment and tidy up before and after training. Outdoor shoes must not be worn inside the gym.

6. Gymnasts must not use any equipment unless accompanied by an appropriate coach. 

7. Parents are required to accompany their children to and from the premises and ensure that they remain on site until passed over to the care of Celebrate Gymnastics Club.  Parents must allow sufficient time to arrive for collecting their children as delays will impact the overall training schedule. Participants should remain on the premises at the end of a session until collected by their parent or guardian. Please inform the coach at the start of the session if it will not be the usual adult collecting the child. 

8. Participants should bring any necessary personal equipment with them to training but must have a suitable and named drink of water to last them the session. Food or drink is not permitted within the gym. 

9. Fees for training or events must be paid promptly. 

10. It is the responsibility of the gymnasts and parents to check emails, notices and the website for information. Information will be passed through these channels to avoid disturbing coaches. 

11. No photography or videography is permitted during the session and only management approved photos will be shared on social media in line with the club’s photography policy. 

12. Please notify the coach of any additional needs that your child may have. 

13. All gymnasts must attend as often as possible for their own development.

14. Gymnasts are responsible for their own possessions. The club will accept no liability for lost or damaged items. 

16. Participants phones are not allowed during training sessions but older gymnasts who require a mobile phone may bring this and store it safely in the office using a token system. 

17. Gymnasts are encouraged at home to adapt a healthy eating and sleeping pattern. 


You can save and print a copy of the Code of Conduct here: Code of Conduct for Gymnasts.