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Celebrate Gymnastics Club Photography Policy

Celebrate Gymnastics Photography Policy


1. Background

1.1. Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd recognises that whilst we have a duty to ensure the welfare and protection of all participants, particularly children and those at risk many of these participants as well as parents, coaches and other gymnastics enthusiasts may want to record events.

1.2. It is not our intention to prohibit this activity, but to provide guidance to uphold the continued safety of our members and the key to this is that images of other children are not shared publicly on social media by parents / guardians / friends of the club. (clause 4.2.3)

1.3. The photography of gymnastics activity should always be done in a way which safeguards gymnasts, respects rights to privacy, complies with the relevant Data Protection legislation, and serves to show the club in a positive light.

1.4 This policy should be read in conjunction with British Gymnastics and Celebrate Gymnastics welfare and safeguarding policies and guidance and social media policies.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all photography or filming carried out in any Celebrate Gymnastic Club Ltd event or to any event that members attend to represent the club.

2.1.1 This includes, but is not limited to, competitions, festivals, regular training sessions,

workshops, courses, etc.

2.1.2 The activities of commercial photographers are agreed with the individual providers. Commercial photographers for events should be easily identifiable. Commercial photographers at an event will be approved via British Gymnastics Media Accreditation. British Gymnastics reserves the right to not accept Media Accreditation and therefore Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd cannot at any time guarantee a commercial photographer for an event.

2.2 Images and video may be taken for appropriate and purely personal purposes that are not shared or published in any format, except where access to images is restricted to the family and close friends of those featured in the photograph or video.

3. Policy Statements

4.1 All parents and guardians and gymnasts must ensure that any photographs or video of children is not used in a way that would place a child at risk of harm.

4.1.1 Photography or filming must not be used in a way that is inappropriate given the age of the participant and the context that the image was taken.

4.1.2 Photography or filming must not be used in a way that would cause damage or distress to any individual or in a way that could bring the sport into disrepute.

4.1.3 The live steaming of video footage of gymnasts is not permitted.

4.1.2 In line with British Gymnastic policies, zoom lenses with a focal length of more than 135mm and tripods or other stands are not permitted for general photography at the club. The use of flash photography and lighting or light diffusers is also not permitted.

4.2 The taking of photography must comply with GDPR and data protection laws. This includes:

4.2.1 Ensuring any images are stored securely and not held for longer than is necessary

4.2.2 When publishing images of children, there must be appropriate safeguards in place to minimise the likelihood of anyone who is not authorised to view or use these images from doing so.

4.2.3 Parents / guardians / friends of the club must accept that they are unable to personally determine which gymnasts may be subject to safeguarding restrictions and therefore should not post photographs or videos to social media showing other gymnasts in the background unless they have the expressed permission of the child’s parent. Celebrate Gymnastics can take no liability for this however will make every effort to ensure that it is followed.

4.2.4 Images should not be edited in such a way as to cause embarrassment or distress to the subject or others or edited in such a way that the final image would be deemed inappropriate.

4.2.5 No photography is allowed within the toilets or whilst gymnasts are changing in any setting.

4.2.6 No photography is allowed within private areas of the gym including the staff office.

4.2.7 Any use of photography or video for marketing purposes should comply with any applicable advertising standards and personal details of the individual should not be disclosed except for their name. It is preferred that first names only are disclosed.

4.2.8 Celebrate Gymnastics Club will display notices and signage to guide parents in the use of photography. At such times when photography is permitted, parents will be notified by management.

4.2.9 Designated locations for photography at events is preferred. Areas such as the high beam and floor area provide a suitable location for group photography.

4.2.10 Breaches of this policy will be reviewed by club management or referred to British Gymnastics and an individual suspected of breaching the photography policy will be asked to delete images, may be asked to leave the premises and further assistance may be requested from the Police if required.

4.2.11 If any coach, gymnast, parent, guardian, volunteer, official or other has any concerns about images being taken, they should report these to staff, ideally to the club welfare officer or management.