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Celebrate Gymnastics Policy for Coaching of a Child with a Medical Condition, Disability or Learning Difficulty 

Celebrate Gymnastics Policy for Coaching of a Child with a Medical Condition, Disability or Learning Difficulty

1. Background

1.1 Celebrate Gymnastics (the company) aims to create a caring and supportive environment and group of people who are determined to see gymnasts develop and succeed happily. Our deep held belief is that gymnastics is a fantastic way of helping children develop skills for life besides improving their physical health. They learn self-belief, resilience, determination, to win graciously to accept failure but strive to be better. Understanding each child is integral to how we work as coaches and our new coaches will be mentored by more experienced members of the team to ensure continuity of approach and application. The company is registered with British Gymnastics and shares the same attitude to the health, safety and welfare of all students to be of paramount importance. Celebrate Gymnastics will ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that procedures are in place to maintain a safe and healthy environment for both students, coaches, helpers, volunteers, parents and any others who are associated with the club.  

1.1.1 It is important that this document is reviewed in conjunction with the British Gymnastics Safeguarding Policy and Procedures and that no actions taken by Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd representatives act in such a way as to contradict the requirements of British Gymnastics. 

1.2 This policy should be read in conjunction with British Gymnastics and Celebrate Gymnastics health and safety policies and welfare and safeguarding policies.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all gymnasts and members with a medical condition, disability, learning difficulty or other condition that may impact their ability within a gymnastics session but is extended to children attending on ad-hoc parties and other events. It is also extended to behavioural or psychological difficulties and challenges that may impact their sessions. Such conditions will in the context of this policy be referred to as “medical or other conditions” but this term is not intended to be restrictive in any capacity and Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd accepts that each gymnast should be treated as an individual. 

2.1.1 This policy covers, but is not limited to, competitions, festivals, regular training sessions,

workshops, courses, etc.

2.1.2 It is important that all staff accept that as part of their duty of care towards the children and adults that they are coaching, they are aware and mindful of their medical or other conditions and any adjustments needed within their coaching. 

3. Policy Statements

3.1 All parents and guardians and gymnasts must ensure that Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd is made aware that a participant has a medical condition or disabilities or learning difficulties via the Love Admin portal at the point of sign up. 

3.1.1 All parents and guardians and gymnasts must ensure that Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd is made aware in detail of any medical conditions or learning disabilities. This may be in the form of a follow up phone call or the information may be emailed in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. however please be aware that the club may follow up any email communication with a phone call if clarification or further information is required. 

3.1.2 All parents and guardians are reminded that it remains their responsibility to update Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd with any changes to their child’s medical or other condition. 

3.1.3 Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd requests that they are made aware of any requirement for regular medication that may impact the child’s ability to take part in the sessions. 

3.1.4 Parents and guardians are reminded that they should update Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd immediately of any change in emergency contact details. 

3.2 The Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd admin team will upload to registers, group sheets and the medical and other condition records a brief description of the medical condition.

3.2.1 The individual designated for the management of health and other conditions will assess the condition as to whether a care plan or PEEP (personal emergency evacuation plan) is required.

3.2.3 Regular reviews of children with medical or other conditions will take place but the timeframe between reviews per child may vary dependent on the severity of the individuals medical or other condition and the impact that this condition has on gymnastics. 

3.2.4 Relevant information about health conditions may be passed to emergency services or necessary individuals in the event of an accident, illness or emergency. GDPR procedures will be observed however all parties involved must appreciate that medical emergencies may create an urgent need to share critical information for the health and welfare of the individual.  All records pertaining to the child’s personal details and medical or other condition will be subject to GDPR and data protection legislation, and will be kept confidential and shared on a need to know basis only.  

3.2.5 Relevant coaches will be briefed on children’s conditions as appropriate.

4. Management of children with health or other conditions not requiring a care plan

4.1 For children with asthma, the parent must ensure that the inhaler is bought to the gym during every session. Coaches and staff will not administer an inhaler unless in an emergency situation presents, so it is important that children are able to confidently self-administer the inhaler or that parents remain in the gym at all times if the child is not able to do this. 

4.1.1 For children with mild allergies, the impact of allergies on gymnastics is not expected to be significant as no food is permitted in the gym. Please note that food may be stored and consumed by staff in the staff office as it is a legal obligation to provide staff with a rest facility.

4.1.2 For children with mild allergies attending events such as workshops and full day events where food may be available or required, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the child is provided with suitable food.

4.1.3 Children are not permitted to share food that they have bought from home with others although the parents must accept that this is difficult to prevent children from doing this and therefore children with allergies must be advised by their parents not to accept food from other gymnasts.

4.1.4 Celebrate Gymnastics Club Ltd requests that no nuts or nut products are bought into the gym.

4.1.5 For children with medical or other conditions that are not deemed to impact their sessions, coaches will remain mindful that they may need additional consideration, time and encouragement to reach goals. 

4.1.6 For children with medical or other conditions, the coaches may provide feedback to lead coaches and parents which could in turn lead to additional enquiries or a care plan being implemented. Please be reassured that this is to ensure that the child with a medical or other condition and the children within their group all receive the best available level of coaching and that they enjoy their session. 

4.1.7 Please note that as a reward, sweets or similar may be given to children at the end of some sessions, particularly around the end of term. These are not intended for consumption in the gym and are given at dismissal of the children, where parents must be present and therefore will be aware of the reward.

5. Management of children with care plans 

5.1 If a care plan or PEEP is required for the individual, this will be created and a copy sent to the parent / guardian.

5.1.1 A guideline review for the care plan will be set however parents / guardians are reminded that it remains their responsibility to highlight any new information or changes in the child’s medical or other condition to the admin team in writing. 

5.1.2 An information sheet will be created per child which will form the basis of their care plan and will be expanded as required. 

5.2 For children who have been prescribed Epi-pens, parents must ensure the epi pen is bought to the gym and parents should stay in the parent waiting area of the gym for the duration of the session so that they are available in the event of an emergency. 

5.3 For children with type 1 diabetes, hypo-stop, orange juice, jelly babies or similar and the child’s blood glucose monitoring system must be present in the gym at all times in order for them to participate. It remains the responsibility of the parent to ensure that these items are present. Parents and guardians for children with type 1 diabetes must remain in the parent waiting area of the gym during sessions unless agreed in writing in advance. 

5.4 For children with severe asthma, respiratory heart or other conditions that may significantly impact their health or their sessions, their parent / guardian must remain in the parent waiting area of the gym during sessions unless agreed in writing in advance.

5.5 British Gymnastics require persons who have downs syndrome and dwarfism to seek a medical assessment and medical approval before starting classes. Celebrate Gymnastics may need to speak with the medical professional and will require written confirmation from a doctor that activity can commence and any special requirements.  

5.5 For children requiring a care plan, there may be times where a different session is proposed. This may be to provide the child with a smaller group or 1:1 support. It may also be to allow the child to be in a quieter session that may suit their needs better.